A marketing funnel is a journey that a prospect takes as they become familiar with your organization, from the introduction to conversion (and hopefully beyond).

The strategy should be different based on what stage the prospect is at that point. Here I will discuss what I have learned. Hope it will help some of you and at the same time, I also revise all these concepts one more time:)

Take a customer to a journey with just one intention
“How you can best help them”

1. Awareness

The goal is to Build a relationship, provide educational content. To show the value of your product or service.Educate, be helpful and try to give the value to the user. Don’t be pushy for the sale.

2. Consideration

The goal is to deepen the relationship, introduce them to your product or service and nurture them with the targeted content.

3. Conversion

The goal is to convince the subscriber to purchase. Talk about the benefits of the product or service. Promotions or Discount can also be offered to the subscriber at this point to create an urgency.

4. Loyalty

The goal is to retain the customers and instill loyalty. It is much easier to retain a customer than to get a new customer. Provide value in the form of useful content and helping information. If the customer feels that he is getting much higher value than what he paid for, he will be a customer for life.

5. Advocacy

The goal is to turn your customers into fans who talk about your company and refer you to their friends and family.

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