If you are trying to convince your customers to buy from you, STOP IT!!

What ? Do I mean that we should not try to get a Sale by convincing them.

YES, instead you should be persuading them to work with you..

But doesn’t convincing and persuading means the same?

In a broad sense, I also though so till I learnt this major difference. 

Convincing is trying to make your customer buy your product or service for YOUR reasons.

✅✅ Where as Persuasion is making them believe that the product or service you provide is best for them for THEIR OWN reasons and they are missing out if they don’t work with you.

And Don’t just persuade to get the sale but always over-deliver what you promise.

So if you are a Gym Owner or in any business, don’t just sell a membership to fill your wallet but make the customer believe that it is in their best interest to join your training and don’t leave any stone upturned to give them results that they desire.


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