As you would agree your Sales will depend on how you market your products. Although the product/service needs to be good, but if it is not Marketed properly, even a good product or service can fail miserably.  Here I will discuss the blueprint of a funnel that can help you have multiple touch points with your potential customer and also infuse the persuasive components of sales process which will include Likeability, Reciprocity, Scarcity, Tenacity, Authority etc.

The Ads from Facebook and Instagram links to your landing page where you offer a lead magnet that you visitor can’t refuse. Once a lead is captured it is taken to the download page, Here we offer to download the PDF in the messenger rather than email.

The benefit of delivering the lead magnet in messenger is that you can put the prospect on a sequence of some YouTube value videos in FB Messenger  that establishes your Authority on the product or services that you wish to sell them later. It also gives the value before you pitch for anything. Be careful to not try to sell anything directly on messenger as Facebook is quite strict on usage of message for promotions (24 hour window).

The best use of Messenger is to stay in front of your potential client by providing value, as the open rates are quite high as compared to other channels.

If someone visits your lead magnet page but do not convert, then they are retargeted on FB for the lead magnet.

At the same time, the lead is added to email sequence that will soft sell and link them to the main sales page for your product or service.

The main Sales page will have the traffic from various sources which will majorly include

1 Email Subscribers of your  old database/ previous clients.

2 The email subscribers of  your lead magnet.

3  Paid traffic Ads from Facebook, Instagram, Adwords and YouTube.

4 The pixeled leads from your lead magnet page.

5 And the retargeting of people who visited the sales page but did not convert.

Instead of sending the visitor directly to the order page, It’s a good idea to collect the email and phone number first and then send them to the order page. The reason for this is that you can have the cart abandonment sequence in the email, text message and the Ads on social media for those who visited the order page but did not buy.

Always have some scarcity and timeline for your offer but this scarcity must be genuine and not just a timer that resets every time on a revisit . This can be achieved with some tools and after the discounted offer period is over, then the visitors will be redirected to another sales page  with a high priced offer. The email sequence and the text message follow up can push them to the order page with soft sell before the deadline is over.

After the purchase is completed they’re sent to a Thank you page and if you have some upsell that ask for a call or appointment for a high ticket sale,  then I suggest to book this appointment in Messenger. The Lead will be asked to fill a survey, which can qualify and you can evaluate if it is a right fit to work with, This survey is also done in Messenger.

Again, Messenger enables you to send them some value videos for pre framing sequence before the call. Appointment in messenger also help to reduce the NO – Shows by sending the appointment  reminder in messenger, which have high open % as compared to email reminders.

After the initial discounted  offer is expired, the lead is redirected to second sales page with a higher priced offer and that will also have the same sequence and lead to the same thank you page which then will lead to an appointment along with the survey and appointment reminder in Messenger.

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